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A number of carplanes (aka: roadable aircraft, flying car) have recently appeared on the market or will be appearing soon. The purpose of this site is to contrast and compare these vehicles and to provide the latest information on each.  It is an unbiased site that is not funded by any of the manufacturers.
Edited by Jeffrey W. Buckholz, PhD, P.E., PTOE
This site was last updated on  5.5.17
Below is a summary of currently available carplanes, or carplanes that are expected to hit the market sometime in the next 5 years.  There are 8 real competitors and I have ranked them from 1 (best) to 8 (worst) based on their relative overall attractiveness.  A lot of weight is given to vehicles that can actually be purchased or that have a flying prototype.  Anybody can design something that looks good in simulation or in driving tests but its getting the darn thing to fly in a stable manner that is the big hurdle. 

Pal-V and Aeromobil seem to be getting serious about actually selling carplanes to the public.  However, the price has jumped for the first offerings of these two vehicles to over a million US dollars for the Aeromobil carplane and almost $600,000 for the Pal-V carplane.    Ouch.